Our company registered in Karachi which is Pakistan's business hub and Asia's one of the important financial hub having big capacity deep sea port. Company's operation includes export, import and service providing in various fields and products.

Being biggest exporter of earthenware handmade products for garden and construction industry, we are exporting to over 20 destinations worldwide. We have a trained and professional staff in each of our operation which include four factories of earthenware in various cities of Pakistan.
Mining and export of minerals including Kaolin, Feldspar, Talc and Silica are also among our regular business. We have mines in Central and Northern regions of Pakistan where we mine and sort after research with our associates. For each type of mineral we have separate team working on quality, sorting, logistics and development of new fields. Our main customers are from China, Korea, Austria and Iran. Warehouses for the purposes are based in Karachi near sea port.

With a vast experience in the above fields, we have capability to serve of clients with best quality products and service. Our clients regularly visit us and work closely, we welcome new customers to work with us and share the markets in the respective fields.